Chocolate Making

During this hands on class you will learn the fundamental techniques and methods in how Craig makes artisan chocolate. You will be shown how to temper chocolate, and use it correctly. You will make different textured ganache to fill moulded bonbons and piped truffles.

3 hour class 18:00-21:00

Price: 750kr per person, maximum 8 people per class.


October 31st, Wednesday



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Entremet and Petit Gateau (cakes)

This class will teach you the art and process of making cakes at an artisan level. You will learn a series of techniques used to compose a multitude of textures and learn about balancing flavours. You will also learn how to temper chocolate and use it correctly.

This class will be split into 2 sessions.

Session 1: Producing the interior layers of the cakes

Session 2: Chocolate decorations, glazing and presentation.

Price: 1300kr per person Maximum 6 people per class


October 17th and 18th, Wednesday and Thursday


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