Roasted Hazelnut and Coconut


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This bar has all the traditional taste qualities you could wish for. Rich and smooth roasted hazelnut milk chocolate, with crunchy roasted coconut.


Azelia 39% melkesjokolade, kakaosmør, sukker, melkepulver, kakaomasse, hasselnøtter, kokosnøtter, soyalecithin.
Kan inneholde spor gluten, lupin, og eggeprotein.

Oppbevares ved 14-16°C


We recommend trying an Indian Pale Ale (Vestfjorden fra Bådin Bryggeri),
A Weiss beer (Kieservarden fra Bådin Bryggeri), or a Stout (Svartisen or Svartvatn fra Bådin Bryggeri)
These are all a great option to pair with this bar.