Pastry Consultancy Services with Craig Alibone

Craig offers training in pastry, vienoisserie, chocolate and plated desserts for small and large businesses in Norway and internationally. Assisting with menu construction and development, pâtisserie product development, technique, and cost control.
Craig specialises in chocolate confectionary, French pastry, cakes, macaron and other desserts.

Based in Bodø, northern Norway. The award winning pastry chef and Valrhona ambassador set up base in 2016 with a clear goal to provide a fantastic pâtisserie to the country.

Craig is well educated and experienced in the field and studied at the Alain Ducasse Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie in Yssingeux, France where he was taught by some of the world’s greatest pastry chefs, such as Bruno Moncudiol, Sébastien Serveux and Jean Marc Guillot.
Staff Training
If you are looking to upgrade the skills of your team to help them create more elegant and flavourful products for your business, Craig offers a staff training program which allows your employees to learn the correct techniques and skills one on one to enable continuous growth and development.

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